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A message from the Head Teacher.

On behalf of all staff, governors and parents we are delighted to welcome you and your child to Penywaun Primary School.  We aim to make your time with us a happy and successful one. The information in this prospectus is intended to help introduce you and your child to the school.

This prospectus is intended to help you know more about the life and work of the school, a school which serves the interests of the children in the area and fosters their all-round development.  As a school we are proud of the emphasis we show for the wellbeing of the children in our care, both academically and pastorally.  We believe that every child has a right to fulfil their potential in a safe environment.  Throughout the school year we have many visitors to the school and invariably we receive very positive feedback to how the children learn, and the positive environment in which this takes place.  This is due to the immense effort made by all members of the Penywaun School community.


We also believe that we can only achieve the best for your child through close cooperation between home and school.  Throughout the time your child spends at Penywaun Primary we hope you will support the school and share in your child’s education.  My staff and I are always available to talk to you about any aspect of your child’s development.


We deliver a carefully planned curriculum with your child at the centre.  We have highly experienced staff that constantly looks for ways of making learning not only beneficial, but relevant and fun. In addition to developing skills in literacy, numeracy, ICT, scientific, technological and artistic skills, we also deliver a personalised learning programme that enables your child to develop their independence.  This in turn builds their self-confidence, ability to make independent decisions, and also social skills.


As parent/carers there are a number of ways you can help ensure that your child makes the most of their time here at Penywaun:

  • Talk to your children about their day in school, asking them about the activities they have undertaken and the friends they are making.


  • Keep the school informed of any important changes that might affect your child’s education.  For example, allergies, changes in health and family concerns.  All details will be confidential and will help us to care for your child more effectively.


  • Please inform the school if you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress.  This can be done through contacting the school.  There might be times when you wish to discuss matters away from your child, when the teacher is free to talk to you.

All the staff here at Penywaun are highly skilled in assessing your child’s development and then supporting them to make the next step in their progress.  We believe this will help their self-esteem as individuals which will also help them to become more successful in all they do.