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Meet The Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr. C. Prichard - Headteacher, Child Protection Officer


Mr. A. Williams - Deputy Headteacher, Child Protection Officer, Year 6 teacher.


Mrs H. Boggis - Acting Chair of Governors


Senior Leadership Team

Miss. S. Merrills - Year 4 teacher - Key Stage 2 Leader, Literacy Lead

Mrs L. Hancock - Year 3/4 teacher, ALNCo, Child Protection Officer

Miss F. Pugh - Year 2 teacher, Foundation Phase Leader, Child Protection Officer, DCF lead

Miss. T Griffiths - LSC teacher, Leader for standards and learning environments, Science and technology lead, Child Protection Officer


Teaching Staff

Miss L. Stone - Reception teacher

Mrs C. Higgins - Year 1 teacher

Mrs K. Windmill - Thrive Intervention teacher & PPA teacher

Miss C. Pritchard- Year 5 teacher

Mrs A. Marsh - Welsh Lead teacher & PPA teacher

Miss E. Pritchard - Nursery HLTA


Clerical Staff

Miss E. Hoare



Miss S. Jones - Thrive and KS2 

Mrs T. Leach - Literacy intervention lead and KS2


Support staff

Miss L. Howells - Nursery

Miss C. Hopes - Nursery

Miss G. Dillon - Reception

Miss L. Lloyd - Year 1 

Mrs M. Pritchard - Year 2

Mrs K. Cooper - ASD support

Miss L. Jones - ASD support

Mrs D. Gulliford - ASD support

Mrs P. Jackson - KS2 support


Special Needs Support Assistants

Miss S. Jones

Mrs D. Edwards

Miss P. Nash

Miss H. Ferguson

Miss P. Jones



Mr N. Brown