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Year 3

This term we are learning about MIGHTY METALS. Try and do some of these activities at home and let us know what happens?


Go on a magnetic treasure hunt in your house. How many magnetic objects can you find?


What materials are they made from?


Research some of the tasks carried out by robots. What tasks do you think robots could do in the future? What jobs would you like a robot to do in your house? Ask your parents – they’re sure to have some ideas!


Investigate the best surfaces at home for toy cars to travel on; carpet or tiled floor? Measure the distance travelled for each type of surface and rank each one in order of effectiveness. Make a table or bar chart to show your results. Which force is acting, to slow down and stop the cars from moving?


Use non-fiction books and the web to find out and write facts about a metal of your choice.


Read stories and poems about robots. Choose your favourite, then write or film a review for classmates.


Design your perfect playground. What (real or imaginary) equipment would you include?

Search the web for to find artwork made using metal and make a collage or scrapbook of downloaded images.


Learn to spell the names of some common metals such as iron, gold, platinum, lead and aluminium. Create anagrams for your friends and family to solve.


Choose and find out all you can about a musical instrument made from metal. It could be an orchestral instrument or something more unusual! Create a presentation with photos and sound clips of your chosen instrument.


Design and make a fridge magnet, either as a gift for someone or to commemorate a special event.


Imagine… you wake up and all the metal in the world has vanished! Write story about your day. How is everyday life different without metal?


Find out about King Midas and his golden touch.